MuttStuff Blog

Since 2006, Melissa has written her “MuttStuff Blog” on a free Blogspot account (as we all did in the early 2000’s!) Like the high-waist, acid-washed jeans & Jordache combo many of us sported in the 80’s, all things must grow up or risk  not being taken seriously. So over the next few months, Melissa will move all the relevant MuttStuff blogs over to this new website, including:

How to know if you need a trainer, a behavior consultant or a veterinary behaviorist (and how to find a good one!) Additionally, a follow up piece after Cesar Millan was reported to be a “self-taught behaviorist,” which is Melissa’s call for defining terminology in this field.

A really funny story on “meeting” a hero by way of an embarrassing USPS snafu (and a follow up piece)

A personal story on behavior modification medication

A deceased pet helps define Gallows Humor when a cell phone call gets cut off in the worst possible way.

What options are there for a high energy city dog?

What kinds of harnesses help pulling dogs….and what’s the deal with head collars?

If there are specific posts that were helpful for you, let Melissa know and she’ll migrate those over, too!

Once those are all migrated, she will start blogging here, so stay tuned and thanks for your patience!