Press & Podcasts

Here is a current list of past television appearances, podcasts and printed press.

 A candid discussion with non-dog folks over at the comedy podcast, Naked Diner! (Melissa McCue-McGrath, CPDT-KA, Episode 85)

AUDIO: Discussing Disc Dogs and Dog Sledding … in the Mini Cooper. (Closer To Dog with Jaclyn Smith

 AUDIO: The Importance of Environment in Lives of Dogs. Interview with Tracie Hotchner of Radio Pet Lady Network. Discuss selecting an urban dog, good intentions & pitfalls of dog rescue, how to find ethical parties when acquiring a dog, and Considerations for the City Dog.  (Importance of Environment)

movie-reel-hi VIDEO: PBS Design Squad with Melissa and Ollie (Fling It & Disc Dog)

 AUDIO: Melissa on The Woof Meow Show, PT 1

 AUDIO: Melissa on The Woof Meow Show, PT 2

 AUDIO: Melissa on DogCast Radio with Julie Hill

review “…We owe it to our dogs to read this resource-rich, highly informative handbook.” -The Bark Magazine (Winter, 2015)
review  Considerations for the City Dog review by Don Hanson

This book is on a “Must Read” list of every breeder, rescue and animal shelter employee.
– Don Hanson, BFRAP, CDBC, CPDT-KA
Co-host of the ‘Woof Meow Show’

review “Considerations for the City Dog is not an owner’s manual. It is not Rocco’s story, nor Melissa McCue-McGrath’s. It is a book full of insight useful to dog owners, potential dog owners, dog lovers, and any curious body in between.
-Amy Swain, The Somerville Times
Somerville Author Considers The City Dog (10/9/2015)

review “The conventional advice for a dog that’s barking and demanding, saying ‘Pay attention to me!’ is to ignore it,” McCue-McGrath explains. “But you can’t do that if you have a landlord that lives upstairs, or neighbors…”
-Emily Cassel, Scout Somerville
Considerations for the City Dog Author Talks Raising Dogs in the ‘Ville (9/10/15)