Purchase Books and Classes

Copies of Considerations for the City Dog –paperback and e-reader- can all be found  on Amazon. Signed copies are found at Everydog Training Center in Danvers, MA. Occasionally, Melissa has extra signed copies kicking around, so just ask 🙂 

For classes:

After the COVID19 crisis,  Melissa will be resuming classes at MSPCA Nevins Farm (Monday mornings), Everydog Training Center (likely Saturdays), and New England Dog Training Club (Thursdays). But, as she’s higher risk, she’s going to ease into classes when she feels safe, and the time just isn’t right just yet.

However – YouTube!

Meiissa’s YouTube Channel will be available going forward to make sure everyone has access regardless of financial barrier, comfort level in class, access to positive reinforcement training for sports, training for fun, and if we’re being honest, it keeps Melissa busy, too. All of this content will continue for free for anyone who would like to try training their dogs from home on their own time in a variety of activities, like scentwork, disc dogs, manners, puppy, and more.