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Past Events:

raising canine logoNovember 16th, 11 am (EST) 10 am (CENTRAL)
Raising Canine Webinar

Defining “Saved”
How Click-n-Ship Culture Affects Rescue Dogs, Their Families, and Dog Trainers


More people are meeting their pets for the first time in hotel parking lots or airports without meeting them first. Some of these dogs go on to live fantastic lives, yet a large population of these dogs are never truly saved. Some are feral, under-socialized, or not matched appropriately to their new family. This results in a variety of issues ranging from distrust in the rescue system to legislation against U.S. dog adoptions, to euthanasia. Melissa presents on ‘Click-n-Ship Culture’ and its impact on well-intending individuals rescuing dogs. She also details the frustrations of dog trainers and other professionals after these dogs are acquired. We look at language, partnerships, and laws that can really help save these dogs before AND after adoption.


12/28/2015: Pet Professional Guild
“Intention, The Law and Rescue”
Melissa takes a deep dive on what the word “intention” means, and what the word “saved” means to people and dogs at  every stage of the dog-acquisition process. This webinar is FREE to members of the Pet Professional Guild, and $25 for non-members.

6/11/2015: Massachusetts Veterinary Technicians Association
Coming To The Table

A presentation focusing on putting certified trainers and veterinary professionals together to better understand where our dogs are coming from – and how best to help them.

6/21/16: Cold Noses Foundation
Downtown Boston, MA 

“Considerations for the City Dog”

This presentation was geared to pet owners as well as anyone who works with pets (veterinarians, dog trainers, behaviorists, dog walkers, groomers, rescuers,shelter employees and breeders). Considerations starts a conversation for all people living and working with urban dogs. 


Ongoing Projects:

car talk CarTalk’s new FIDO project

2DogsTreats-Logo  Weekly(ish) training blog for 2 Dogs Treats

27526_123850104320567_1096_n  Melissa’s MuttStuff blog (which will be moved over to this site. Eventually.)