If you’re as curious as Melissa is about animals, join her on her journey into exploring animals as you never did before. This isn’t a typical animal podcast – this is a podcast about how animals intersect with humanity – including:

One US president who taught his bird to swear, which was funny until the bird had to be escorted out of the president’s own funeral for cursing.

An aquaphobic Labrador retriever who helped marine biologists find whale poop for science.

The National Weather Service gives out emergency weather alerts for falling, frozen iguanas.

The highway department disposes of a dead whale with TNT, hilarity ensues.

The dogs who saved the town of Nome, Alaska from a diphtheria outbreak.

The bees who sniff out unexploded bombs in Croatia…

And so much more!

If you want a podcast that will make you laugh and think deeply about history, science, current events and more with a focus on all things fuzzy, then join Melissa at every Wednesday morning wherever you get your podcasts.