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Training with Melissa!

Melissa is BACK! Sort of… Melissa will be doing nearly all private sessions via Zoom for the foreseeable future and has limited slots as her daughter isn’t old enough to be vaccinated yet. Many parents are in the same boat. Be patient with your pet professionals, including dog trainers, behavior consultants, veterinarians, groomers, and more as we try to move back to working more “normally” while the pandemic is still very real, and is affecting those with immunocompromised systems and parents of young children. Those in medical fields and the pet professional fields are still very much impacted by this continuing epidemic. We are aware that many of our clients are vaccinated, but not everyone has the option to be vaccinated yet, so while it might not feel fair that a client can’t go into a building for classes without a mask because of an up-to-date vaccine, Melissa’s mission is to continue offering options for all clients, offer peace of mind for all of her clients, and that means she will continue with Zoom lessons as full-family support for classes that are allowing only one handler at a time for safety, and masks for everyone when indoors through the rest of the year. For in-person group classes, please visit “Classes” tab.

Melissa’s new podcast project!

Melissa has been busy during COVID19. She volunteered to help kids in Somerville city by instructing a 5-week program on amazing animals (the playlist is available for free on YouTube for everyone to enjoy). But, to keep curious kids and their adults company during a long international crisis, she turned that class into a weekly podcast with deeper dives on these amazing animals who changed history, evolved interesting features or have helped humanity! BewilderBeasts episodes drop every Wednesday morning in most podcast apps and are always available for download at Feel free to share with your curious friends!

Barks from the Bookshelf PODCAST!

“Barks from the Bookshelf” invited Melissa to have a chat! It was so lovely – have a listen!  And DEFINITELY go back and listen to Nat and Steve’s conversations with Patricia McConnell, Ken Ramirez, Clive Wynne, Zazie Todd, and more! More information about subscribing to this must-listen podcast for dog trainers and dog owners alike can be found wherever you listen to podcasts.

Melissa is working on another book!

This is geared towards those who are interested in working with animals professionally (basically, the things “they” don’t tell you about being a dog trainer).